Melissa Slaughter, Content Creator

“We all have it, the Voice of Authority. The voice that says “who do you think you are and what do you think you’re doing with your life?” Dean Temple’s own Voice of Authority plays upon that idea, giving that voice life, humanity, and most important, a counterpoint in the form of dance legend Zach. The US government is after Dean for millions of dollars that he doesn’t have. So who he does he turn to: Zach, or his own disruptive voice? With wildly relatable storytelling that oscillates between Dean’s self-doubt and Zach’s absolute certainty, Voice of Authority is a solo show with a little something for anyone who’s ever heard that nagging voice in the back of your mind.”

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Kulture Partners

“Temple’s performance perfectly conveys the struggle to overcome the voice in your head that tells you, You can’t.”

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PGH in the Round

“Captivating, compelling, and with a healthy dose of humor.”

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Fringe Review

“Entertaining and thought provoking… a hidden gem!”

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