PIT Loft picks up Voice of Authority for Jan 22-Feb 24 run

And I’ve rewritten it again, because that’s what I do over and over again. I had amazing input from several friends who came to the SOLOCOM premiere of the show, as well as my director Courtney, and I knew immediately what they were talking about.

That’s a fascinating aspect of this process, the rewriting, relearning, and reblocking as I ready the show for Edinburgh in August. It’s akin to sculpting, each time a little more is peeled back and I reveal more of the story. More than I’m comfortable with, so we might just be on the right track.

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Voice of Authority delivers a good helping of comedy and masterful solo performance. An entertaining and thought-provoking show. – Fringe Review UK

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About Dean

Dean is an actor, writer, and creative director based in NYC and the Hudson Valley. His solo show, Voice of Authority, will be at the Phoenicia Playhouse, July 5, at 59E59 Theaters, July 17-21, and at Edinburgh Fringe, Aug 2-24, in 2019.

He has appeared on the stage at Carnegie Hall (Mr. Richard in Fannie Lou the Musical), as well as designed installations there for VDAY through his company, Drake Creative Collaborative.

He also serves as board president for The Art Effect, a nonprofit where youth learn to explore, experience, and excel in the arts and arts-related fields.