Fringe Review calls Voice of Authority a “hidden gem”

“Dean Temple is an engaging guy. Right from the moment we stepped into the basement space at the Unitarian Universalist Church we felt as if we were part of something – even if we didn’t quite know what it was. The space, as you might expect, was set up with the obligatory pipe and drape and plastic chairs, but there was something intangibly different hanging in the slightly musty air. For a second or two I felt myself feeling a little like the kid at the beginning of ‘The Princess Bride’ waiting for his Grandpa to start reading the story already. Temple, in his searingly honest yet self-depreciating way, entertains as more people arrive singing covers, strumming his guitar, and even throwing in an original composition or two and before you know it you’ve organically become a part of the show which started five minutes previously.”

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