Blued Trees installation to be featured at NYU conference

I’m very lucky to have worked on this project with artist Aviva Rahmani. Her Facebook post is copied and pasted below:

Very pleased to have learned this evening that a portion of The Blued Trees Symphony will be an audio installation for the “Precarious Sounds//Sounding Sanctuary” conference at NYU this February. The submission description was, “During the 2016 American Election, artist Aviva Rahmani wrote the libretto and score for a coda to her project, The Blued Trees Symphony, a work based on legal premises that challenge the right of natural gas corporations to take private property by eminent domain condemnation to expand pipelines. In 2017, lyric sopranos Rahmani, Debra Vanderlinde and actor Dean Temple recorded the vocal portion. That libretto was subsequently integrated with Maile Costa Colbert’s acoustic composition.”


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