A nod from Martin Guitars

Okay, so I have been a fan of Martin Guitars since I was in high school and my friend Coop got one. That guitar had something on the low end that no other guitar I’d ever played had, this bold, pronounced boom and trueness in the note that’s stayed with me until now (it was almost that resonant). I scrounged up enough money two years ago to get my first Martin, which I love, so much so that I started playing a lot again, and played out in public for the first time in a while. And then when I posted a video of one of those outings, I hear from Martin themselves. Sometimes social media surprises the heck out of you. (Side note, I’m using the guitar strap I stole from Coop in high school in this video.)

Here is the clip in question:

Slide solo #slideguitar with an ad hoc band at Paula's.

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