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My view as we start in on the Ambulance Drivers, about the friendship that developed between Hemingway and Dos Passos following their stints driving ambulances in World War II. It’s an incredibly well researched, very readable work by New York Times’ bestseller James McGrath Morris that follows their early struggles defining their writing styles to represent a new generation, and how their experiences, both at war and in their personal lives, informed what they did. An interesting historic read for anyone really, assuming they do read, but interesting in particular for artists. They failed and failed again but kept working until they succeeded.

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Voice of Authority delivers a good helping of comedy and masterful solo performance. An entertaining and thought-provoking show. – Fringe Review UK

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About Dean

Dean is an actor, writer, and creative director based in NYC and the Hudson Valley. His solo show, Voice of Authority, will be at the Phoenicia Playhouse, July 5, at 59E59 Theaters, July 17-21, and at Edinburgh Fringe, Aug 2-24, in 2019.

He has appeared on the stage at Carnegie Hall (Mr. Richard in Fannie Lou the Musical), as well as designed installations there for VDAY through his company, Drake Creative Collaborative.

He also serves as board president for The Art Effect, a nonprofit where youth learn to explore, experience, and excel in the arts and arts-related fields.