My mission is to create meaningful work with talented, considerate people, to strive every day at improving my craft, and to develop my brand into a business that can sustain itself.

These are some of those talented considerate people I’d like to thank:

My mom and dad, Bill and Laryssa Temple, paid my way through school. They also exposed me to the arts my whole life. So even if they don’t “love” the idea of my acting, I owe them an enormous debt.

Alex Tuller, who has had to deal with a lot in being married to someone who is hardly the typical American male breadwinner. Her support has grown as my dedication to acting has. And also her father Bob, who has been supportive to us in every way possible.

My grandmother, Marta Barabash, a skilled and disciplined concert pianist, and never one to say something she didn’t mean, who told me I should be doing this for a living.

Zachary Solov, my mentor, who taught me what it meant to live a creative life and chastened me for not being willing to suffer for something I wanted.

Peter Muir, my voice teacher, who took a gun shy, somewhat damaged adult and reminded him that he once was a ham who loved the stage. He also taught me how to use me voice correctly, no small task.

Lou Trapani, who will say he didn’t do much. Lou recognizes and respects the desire to learn in the people around him, and he is incredibly generous with both his time and his knowledge of stagecraft.

Laura Margolis, who wouldn’t put up with tricks, insisted I had the ability and that I go out and learn how to use it.

Judith Muir, my Alexander teacher, made me finally accept that mind and body are one in the same, so I might as well integrate them.

Patsy Rodenburg, who made so much of Peter’s work fall into place, and who looked me in the eye and said, “Listen to me. You’re very good. Do you believe me?” I think I’m starting to believe you Patsy.

Naomi Thornton, who showed me that working with the right people can result in unexpectedly wonderful surprises, and that play and wonder never stop as long as you feed them.

Lisa Lynds for spending her time to help me understand what the heck these directors, actors and teachers in my life were talking about.

Also: Lisa Houlgrave for my current headshots, Todd France for my previous headshots, and Kevin McNaughton of The Men’s Room in Poughkeepsie for fixing my hair and eyebrows on a regular basis. Not to be forgotten, Craig Nobert, Lisa Dabney and Gardie Cragetti for letting me couch surf so often.